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H2 Hydrogen Gas Generator | Phipower


✔ turns drinking water into hydrogen-rich water within 5 minutes
✔ hydrogen is a powerful antioxidant
✔ hydrogen feeds the body at the cellular level
✔ hydrogen gives more energy
✔ leads to a more beautiful skin and a better metabolism
✔ has an anti-inflammatory effect
✔ hydrogen gas generator is lightweight, compact and portable
✔ can be filled directly with tap water
✔ made of BPA-free plastic materials
✔ operation via 1 button

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Copper meditation pyramid | 120 cm high | Phipower


✔ complete copper meditation pyramid
✔ crystal-filled corner pieces
✔ including copper connecting tubes
✔ strengthens the earth’s magnetic field
✔ deepens the meditation
✔ provides relaxation, rest and well-being
✔ easy to assemble
✔ solid (heavy) version
✔ completely handmade

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Peter Klaren

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